First pictures inside gutted flat where Grenfell inferno began

Seventy-two people were killed when the fire tore through the housing block in Kensington, west London , on June 14 last year. One of a series of expert reports into the disaster today showed images of flat 16, where the fire started around a fridge freezer. But the report stopped short of saying a fault with the device was the cause of the blaze, stating only that the 'origin of the fire was in, or around, the tall fridge freezer'. The report states the flat's resident, Behailu Kebede, referred to the fridge in his first call to emergency services. He said: 'Fire in flat 16, Grenfell Tower... the fridge, flat 16, Grenfell Tower.' Five reports have been made available this morning, with others examining the effectiveness of the fire protection measures within the building.

Mother, 43, is left paralysed,  after being bitten in her GARDEN by a tick

Rachel Foulkes-Davies (left, pictured using a nerve simulator she bought in September 2015 to help aid her recovery), 43, was bitten by a tick on her neck (inset, a picture of the bite) in her garden in North Wales but thought nothing of it until a few days later when her lip turned numb and her face started to droop on one side (pictured right a few days after she was bitten, when her face began to droop). Doctors originally thought she had Bell's Palsy, however she failed to recover and slowly lost her ability to speak over seven agonising months. The mother-of-three, who has since been diagnosed with Lyme Disease, had to wear an eye patch and was unable to feel a twitch in her eye for six months.

NEW Martin Williams, 29, Llanelli, put his hands on the waists of three girls in his classroom and struck the face of one boy so hard it left a mark.

Nathan Rees posted a tweet to easyJet on Friday night after the airline was forced to cancel a flight to Prague, saying he would be taking legal action against them.

The devastating news spread on social media on Sunday with the stars of Geordie Shore, including Charlotte Crosby and Kyle Christie

Bill Simons, of Inside Tennis magazine, was branded 'sexist' after calling the US athlete 'baby' and suggesting she was intimidated by her opponent's 'alluring' shoulders.

Christine Lampard arrives at court with husband Frank ahead of stalker's sentencing

Loose Women host Ms Lampard - the wife of former England and Chelsea footballer Frank Lampard - was the victim of stalker Christof King, who sent her chilling messages and hung around outside the couple's home. King (inset bottom) finally admitted stalking last week and a judge is due to hear full details of the disturbing case at a court hearing in west London this morning, ahead of sentencing. Ms Lampard (left and inset top) and her husband (right) were not at court last week, but are attending today and she may be called upon to give evidence.

The secret services will declassify reports on suspects as they fight threats from ISIS-inspired jihadis, right-wing extremists and in Northern Ireland, Sajid Javid (pictured) will reveal today.

'The Queen will love you!': Fans gush over 'hilarious and inspirational' Lost Voice Guy as comedian with cerebral palsy wins Britain's Got Talent finale and will now perform in front of Her Majesty

Fans have hailed comedian Lee Ridley (left), aka Lost Voice Guy, as an inspiration after his win on Britain's Got Talent while others said he would prove a huge hit with The Queen. The 37-year-old suffers from neurological condition cerebral palsy which renders him unable to speak and uses a computerised voice in his act. Using the vocal synthesizer to talk about his win, he couldn't resist making another joke as he said: 'I have been blown away by the support of the judges and the general public. I'm very excited to perform in front of the Queen. I've loved her since she sang Bohemian Rhapsody.' His victory had the judges in hysterics and an emotional Amanda Holden (right) and Alesha Dixon (inset) celebrated with the overjoyed comedian on stage before heading out to enjoy the after party in glamorous dresses.

The presenter, 42, baffled fans when he offered his microphone to BGT winner Lost Voice Guy, who suffers from cerebral palsy which renders him unable to speak, on Sunday.

The TV judge has said he 'wants' the embattled presenter to come back and present with Declan Donnelly after the live final and semi-finals were shown without Ant for the first time.

Serving as Stephen Mulhern's chief make-up artist, the 41-year-old carried a haul of beauty equipment with her to London's Hammersmith Apollo for the finale on Sunday evening.

He's been forced to present the hit ITV series on his own after his sidekick, Ant McPartlin, entered rehab and stepped down from TV commitments following a drink-driving arrest.

Britain's Got Talent fans go into MELTDOWN as Channing Tatum makes shock appearance during steamy Magic Mike routine on series finale 

He's known for his impressive dance moves and several blockbuster movies. And Channing Tatum set Britain's Got Talent fans into meltdown during Sunday's finale as he made a shock appearance during a Magic Mike routine. The actor, 38, who starred in the all-male revue movie, showed up on stage after a sizzling performance as a surprise.

NEW Fire expert Dr Barbara Lane said emergency service advice to residents to 'stay put' at Grenfell Tower for almost two hours after the blaze began contributed to the deaths of the 72 victims.

Expert reports detailing the cause of the inferno and why it spread so quickly are to be published as the inquiry hears an opening statement from its top lawyer.

EXCLUSIVE: Finbar King, 17, has become the first learner to legally drive on a British motorway by entered the M25 during a driving lesson with an instructor on Monday at 00:01.

Ex-Charterhouse public schoolboy opens up after he was cleared of sexual assault

Last month, Alex Broke-Smith took a few days' leave from his job in the City to visit his 85-year-old grandmother in America. He feared he'd never be able to see her again, so wanted to say goodbye. The former Charterhouse public schoolboy was due to stand trial for sexual assault, after being accused by a venue manager at a birthday party of what Alex himself describes as a 'deeply offensive crime'. The woman had claimed the laughing 23-year-old had 'aggressively' groped her bottom and crotch in front of his friends for a dare.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT: Jose Ernestor da Silva (pictured) was attacked yesterday afternoon while bathing in waters off the Piedade beach near Recife, on Brazil's northeast coast.

It's the ballroom dancing show that wows viewers time and time again, but it seems like producers have had enough of reality stars using the show as a way of getting publicity and have 'banned them.'

Studio 54 documentary reveals what A-list celebrities really got up to at the world famous

Grace Jones did it completely naked, Bianca Jagger once did it on a white horse and Truman Capote did in it his dressing gown and slippers. Everyone who was anyone strutted their stuff on the dancefloor at Studio 54 in New York. Now, nearly 40 years on from its glory days, its surviving co-founder Ian Schrager, 71, has ended years of silence to talk candidly about the venue's highs and lows in a new documentary to be released in cinemas this month.

Thousands of pub landlords have had to rip out Saudi Arabia flags from strings of World Cup bunting after complaints from Muslims that it offended their religion.

A landmark study in New York has found that a significant proportion of women with the disease need only a daily pill - such as tamoxifen - to stop their cancer returning after surgery.

Brit families pay more to stay at parks in the UK than at European parks in France, Holland, Belgium and Germany - and they face inflated bills for meals.

Most parents will agree that children raise their stress levels. Now it appears that having more than two can significantly damage a mother's health.

Amir Khan is caught on private dating app amid cheating scandal

It was recently claimed he cheated on wife Faryal Makhdoom (pictured right) just days after the arrival of their second child. And things appear to have become even more complicated for Amir Khan as the 31-year-old boxer has been caught on private dating app Raya (pictuired left). On the software, the former world champion's profile has advertised his availability, where he joins an exclusive host of celebrities and high-profile singletons.

A passenger with an iron bladder shocks researchers by not moving at all during the Qantas 17-hour flight from Perth to London - not even to use the toilet.

Ex-Arsenal star Nwankwo Kanu, 41, reported the money missing when he reached Kaliningrad, where he was playing in a World Cup curtain raiser game organised by FIFA.

The West Ham United manager and his wife were mugged on Saturday evening as they headed to a restaurant with friends in the Chilean capital Santiago.

Very English Scandal Jeremy Thorpe Norman Scott hitman Andrew Newton still alive

Patsy Frankham (right today) has been seeing Andrew Newton for at least three years - but she insists they are just 'good friends'. Newton, who police said died 14 years ago, visited her Surrey home on Saturday (below) after MailOnline revealed he was alive and well and using the alias Hann Redwin on Friday night. But officers failed to turn up at Patsy's home until Sunday (left) and the key suspect one of Britain's most notorious political scandals had gone. Retired nurse Mrs Frankham said: 'Mr Redwin does not live here. I live here alone and we remain good friends.' The retired nurse said she was also out when detectives came knocking yesterday and said: 'I'm sorry I was out when the police came.' Ex-Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe (above) was acquitted in 1979 of plotting to kill his former lover, Norman Scott. Millions have been gripped by the BBC's account of the affair, A Very English Scandal, starring Hugh Grant, which ended last night.

Gregg Miller is the founder of Neuticles, which are silicone testicle implants for male dogs to replace what the vet has snipped away. The Missouri man is a multi-millionaire after selling 500,000 pairs.

Is Johnny Depp's gaunt appearance down to ditching 'guyliner'?

NEW Pictures of the veteran actor, 54, meeting fans in Russia last week sparked concerns for his health, with commenters noting that he looked thin and ill (left). However, a celebrity make-up artist has revealed that his changed appearance could be largely down to ditching his signature eye-liner (seen right in 2016).

Family rows over unsuitable weddings include father in denial over gay son and couple 59

Nothing sparks a family rift like an 'unsuitable' love match. And few fallouts are as toxic these. New Channel 4 show Bride and Prejudice looks at couples from across the UK whose love is tearing their families apart. From a groom who lied to his future mother in law about being an orphan, to a 59-year-old man wanting to marry a 24-year-old woman and an Asian woman marrying outside her race, viewers will be left wondering whether their will be any wedding to go ahead at all.

Bejjam Kishore, 45, bought chicken home on Sunday and gave it to his 80-year-old mother Bejjam Mariamma to prepare at their home in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

Is this his most daring stunt EVER? Tom Cruise becomes the first actor to perform a dangerous HALO parachute jump from 25,000ft for his role in 'Mission: Impossible - Fallout'

Paramount Pictures released the two and a half minute clip on Sunday, showing the intensive preparation that went into performing and filming the risky jump in the United Arab Emirates. Cruise, who often performs his own stunts, is believed to be the first actor to do a HALO jump for a movie. The military technique stands for high altitude, low open, and Cruise jumped from 25,000 feet requiring an oxygen mask to stay conscious.

Tory high command is turning its attention to a candidate to fight the 2020 mayoral contest... I hear that an intriguing new name has emerged: that of Richard Tice (pictured), writes ANDREW PIERCE

Billionaire George Soros said the rise of Italy's rightwing League party - now in a coalition government with the populist 5 Star movement - was partly due to Europe's 'flawed' migration policies.

Italy's new hardline interior minister Matteo Salvini visits a migrant centre in Pozzallo, in the south of Sicily

Italy's new interior minister Matteo Salvini was in Sicily, one of the country's main refugee landing points, to push the anti-immigration platform that propelled him to power.

Artist behind some of the internet's favourite brainteasers challenges fans to infuriating

Budapest-based artist Gergely Dudás shared this summer-perfect puzzle on Facebook, where it has been liked and shared hundreds of times. It challenges players to work out the exact cost of a cone and individual scoops of ice cream in different shades. How quickly can you complete it?

Researchers at the Istituto Nazionale Tumori - National Cancer Institute - in Milan say they have used the Meditteranean diet to create a pizza which could help prevent cancer and heart disease.

A fashion designer reveals what keeps her looking young. Carol Baily lives in Devon and credits her appearance to French fashion, an Indian skincare range and fencing.

Theresa May could impose a three-line whip amid fears at least 30 Conservative MPs could rebel against Mrs May and vote against the proposed third runway if given a free vote.

The Kremlin is using hackers, trolls, paid protesters and misinformation as part of an attempt to destabilise the West, according to the study by Russia expert and Tory MP Bob Seely.

Teenager left shocked after shorts she ordered from popular online retailer arrived with

NEW Lucy (inset above) says the plain white shorts she had ordered were covered in rips to the crotch and the back pockets (seen left and inset below), leaving her skin and underwear on display when she put them on. It was in stark contrast to the picture on the Pretty Little Thing website (seen right), which shows shorts that are artfully frayed at the hem - but without visible holes.

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine researchers asked 2,500 people to rate how revolted they were by 75 different scenarios - including treading barefoot on a slug.

Speaking on ITV's Good Morning Britain on Monday, Rebecca Reid argued that women find male strippers 'hilarious' - and not sexually arousing - as opposed to 'incredibly depressing' female shows.

French police destroy two migrant camps set up along Paris canals

NEW French security forces today destroyed two illegal migrant camps in Paris - evacuating some 1000 mainly young men in the process, including some who want to get to Britain. CRS riot police arrived at the normally picturesque Canal Saint Martin, in the east of the capital, soon after dawn, with orders to move anybody found sleeping rough. Scores of charity tents had been pitched alongside the water, causing a safety and public health hazard, but they were soon removed.

US stores' hilarious British foods aisle is mercilessly mocked

The image, taken in a World Market grocery store in California, shows a British food display featuring tins of shortbread, bottles of vodka, and an astonishing amount of chocolate. The shopper shared the snap on Reddit, leaving Brits (comments inset) questioning why it was comprised almost entirely of booze and junk food.

Bride reveals moment husband and his groomsmen DROPPED her during post-wedding photoshoot 

NEW Mother-of-two Brooke Booth-Hunt, 28, from Queanbeyan, New South Wales, Australia, had no idea just how memorable her photographs would turn out to be when the wedding party spontaneously lifted her up (inset). Pictures from her big day show how the men lost their grip, sending bride Brooke plummeting to the ground with a bump (main image).

Mona el-Mazboh claimed she was sexually harassed by taxi drivers and young men during a holiday in Egypt but her rant insulting the people and leader Abdel Fattah al-Sisi could land her in prison.



Mary Berry slashes £150,000 off the price of her six-bed mansion

Mary Berry (inset left) has been forced to drop the price of her six-bed mansion from £4 million to £3.85 million after failing to sell the Buckinghamshire home (main) for eight months. Despite boasting an attractive conservatory (inset right), sumptuous gardens and a tennis court, the 18th-century Queen Anne-style farmhouse has had no takers. Miss Berry, 83, and her husband of 52 years, Paul Hunnings, are moving to a four-bedroom home in Henley with a separate cottage, gym, tennis court and an indoor swimming pool.

Matteo Salvini (left), who has told illegal immigrants to 'pack their bags', rallied support today in Pozzallo (pictured right in 2016), a port town on the front line of the Mediterranean refugee crisis.

In a speech Sir James Munby, president of the Family Division of the High Court, said there was a new reality of single parent households, same-sex marriages and adopted families.

River of lava kills 25 in Guatemala: Volcano of Fire erupts, leaving frantic residents searching for hundreds of loved ones among the ash

Volcan de Fuego, which translates to 'volcano of fire', exploded just before noon on Sunday, 27 miles from Guatemala City, in a hail of ash and molten rock before lava began flowing down the slopes and across homes and roads. At least 25 people have been killed and hundreds of others hurt in the volcano's second eruption this year. The volcano, known to be one of Central America's most active, has destroyed homes and blanketed nearby villages in soot as it sent clouds of ash six miles into the air. Search and rescue operations for the missing and dead were resuming this morning. The flows reached temperatures of about 1,300F (700C). Pictured left: Army personnel evacuate a man from the eruption; right: a huge cloud of ash erupts from the volcano; inset: a rescue worker helps a woman covered in ash.

Fresh fruit and vegetable prices in supermarkets in the UK have shot up in the last year, a report found yesterday. Average fresh vegetable prices are up 2 per cent across a total of 360 products.

Victoria Pendleton's real sporting passion is horse racing. So the track cyclist turned jockey, 37, looked pleased to show off her new forearm tattoo on Derby Day at Epsom on Saturday.

Jill Hibberd, 73, of Barnsley, was described as a glamorous woman who drove sports cars and looked 20 years younger than her age. Neighbours found her blood-stained body in the living room.

Major retailers such as Amazon will be ordered to alert MI5 and police to suspicious purchases in a crackdown designed to prevent a repeat of the terror attacks carried out last year.

Alastair Campbell

British spin doctor Alastair Campbell (pictured) was standing in for Nigel Farage on LBC doing a phone-in on gender equality when he got a call from his daughter Grace.

Ex-Hollyoaks star behind Oscar-winning film The Silent Child shares its profoundly deaf star's adorable reaction as she learns the QUEEN wants to meet her

NEW Maisie Sly, the seven-year-old deaf star of Oscar-winning short film The Silent Child is seen being told that she's going to meet the Queen - and the little girl can't hide her excitement. The clip sees the youngster being told she's heading to the palace with former Hollyoaks star Rachel Shenton, who wrote and starred in the film.

Gwendolyn Banks, 62, was born in the US but moved to Birmingham as a little girl. She applied for more benefits to help support her granddaughter but was told she failed a Habitual Residency Test.

Just ten minutes of brisk walking, around 1,000 steps, can cut our chances of an early death by up to 15 per cent, according to new guidance from Public Health England and the Royal College of GPs.

This week personal trainer, Nadya Fairweather recommends the best exercise for your bottom. Nutritionist Shona Wilkinson also advises eating dark chocolate to help blitz cellulite.

A man named 'James Oliver' claimed to be from the year 6491 - and PASSED a lie detector when questioned on his story. He has made incredible claims about the future of planet earth.

Woman left terrified after checking phone to find someone – or something – took a picture

On Sunday evening, Debra Demetriou, of Benton, Newcastle, sat in bed scrolling through pictures from the night before. She found one which left her frozen in terror. With just one look, the blurry snap of Debra, shot from the bottom of her bed on her Samsung S7 caused a chill to immediately shoot up her spine. 'There was nobody else in the house at the time - I was completely freaked out,' said the full-time mother.

Nine people have died, including six children off the Turkish coast as they attempted to sail to Greece to seek asylum in Europe. The boat capsized early on Sunday morning off the coast of Antalya.

After meeting on a surfing holiday in Cornwall, Pip Black and Joan Murphy became business partners, founding gym Frame and securing a £6 million pound investment while Pip was pregnant.

The days of prime ministers staying in power for more than a decade are over because the era of 24-hour news has shortened the shelf life of politicians, Gordon Brown said yesterday.

Gastropubs are unfairly maligned and those who lament the demise of the old-school boozer are simply hankering after a 'past society' says Cambridge University professor Christel Lane.

Two British studies found that those taking the drug metformin - which costs as little as 1p a pill - had lower blood pressure, lost weight and saw harmful thickening of the heart reversed.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. Paraglider Ivan Krasouski, 36, from Belarus crash landed in a forest and was taken to hospital with an enormous log sticking out of his shoulder.

Photographer’s stunning images show the unrivaled history of Venice Beach 

Before gentrification made it one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Los Angeles, Venice Beach was a cultural hotbed where hippies, skateboarders, bodybuilders, and musicians felt right at home. Now this 'bohemian paradise' is in danger of becoming extinct as fewer people are able to afford the cost of renting a two-bedroom apartment for $5,000 per month. One photographer, Dotan Saguy, trains his lens on what may be the last vestiges of this unique way of life. It is the subject of a new book, Venice Beach: The Last Days of a Bohemian Paradise, by Israeli photographer Dotan Saguy (middle inset).

British fashion expert Shane Watson revealed the return of Seventies and Eighties jumpsuits as the latest trend. She suggests looking towards Stella McCartney for style inspiration.

The star's uncle and grandfather commited suicide, his mother Lesley Angold (pictured with George) died of cancer in 1997, and Brazilian lover Anselmo Feleppa died of an Aids-related illness.

Police used the video to trace Bitto, 32, and his wife Prabitha, 28, who were arrested on Friday morning in the town of Edappally, Kerala in India, after abandoning their three-year-old child.

More than 110,000 trees have been felled in three years as councils in the UK desperately strive to save money. Sheffield council's £2billion tree-felling campaign has triggered furious protests.

Rail fares could be based on quality of service under plans being considered as part of an overhaul of ticketing which could make travelling on slower routes much cheaper for passengers.

Patti Davis believes father Ronald Reagan would hate Trump's 'caustic' language, his attacks on the press, the way he 'mocks' the government, and his 'cruel' views on immigration.

A 700-strong congregation at Southwark Cathedral this afternoon remembered those who died and were hurt and honoured the emergency services' response to the attack.

Dirty Duterte! Philippine President sparks outrage for making a young overseas worker kiss him on the LIPS on stage

The president kissed a young Filipino worker in Seoul, South Korea, after inviting her up to a stage, drawing cheers from the crowd of fellow overseas workers. Egged on by the audience the seemingly star-struck woman was kissed and hugged by Duterte after he reportedly said she had to 'pay with a kiss'. But the women's movement Gabriela slammed Duterte's antics, calling them the 'disgusting theatrics of a misogynist President.'

Dramatic footage captures the moment armed police tasered an out-of-control knifeman who had been threatening to cut the throats of white people.

Chiltern Edge Secondary School in Oxfordshire has banned boys from wearing shorts and insists those who don't want to wear trousers must don a skirt.

Beauty expert Olivia Falcon has spent the last 15 years editing cosmetic surgery guides for glossy magazines. She revealed how the perception of modern beauty differs throughout the UK.

Pilates instructor Karlie Andrews, from Brisbane, said there is a very good reason for 'sucking it in', and it can be as effective as doing hundreds of sit-ups a day.

An anonymous reader asked British TV's Steph and Dom Parker for advice over concerns that they could be a carer for the rest of their life. She shared fears of caring for her ageing husband.

Who designed THAT? Painful moment teenagers whizz down a steep slide onto a VERY tiny landing mat before bumping straight onto concrete and BRICK

A group of teenagers find out the hard way that an incredibly long slide 'seems to have been designed by some sort of sadist.' Video footage shows the young men taking turns on the steep slide which starts on top of a grassy hill and ends in a sandy pit causing the participants to tumble onto the hard concrete ground. The footage is believed to have been captured in Japan.

In what is thought to have been a feud between rival gangs, 17-year-old Tavis Spencer Aitkens was knifed in a 'targeted attack' by two cyclists yards from his family home in Ipswich.

Mr Aitken was jailed in 1999 for lying on oath in a libel case against The Guardian. Mr Aitken, 75, became a Christian while serving seven months in jail. After his release he studied theology.

Signs referring to Ladies and Gentlemen at the Army's headquarters in Andover, Hampshire, have been removed in an effort to promote equality in the military.

Labour of love! Female minister who is about to give birth performs WEDDING for another expectant couple from her hospital bed after overhearing them say they were desperate to wed before their baby came 

Only hours from giving birth to her third child, Sushma Dwivedi, 37, overheard a couple in an adjacent room of her New York hospital saying how desperate they were to wed. And despite the fact she had just had her epidural administered at the Presbyterian-Weill Cornell Medical Center, Sushma volunteered her services. Couple Brianna Doyle and Case Walko, who had been together for 10 years, said yes and quickly made their way to Sushma's ward. Quipping 'with the power vested in me by the internet', the soon-to-be mum of two solidified the couple's bond with the traditional 'I do' vows, before the pair kissed to rapturous applause.

Research by the Trades Union Congress found that the difference in earnings between the over-30s and younger employees was £1.51 an hour in 1998, rising to £2.81 an hour last year.


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Get meow-ta here! Daredevil cat launches itself from a first floor window and lands on a trampoline

The nimble moggy, named Lola, escaped unharmed despite her daredevil leap onto her owner's garden trampoline. In the rib-tickling footage the black-and-white pet perilously walks out onto the window ledge and peers cautiously over the edge. She leaps and lands on the trampoline, bouncing once before landing on all fours. Owner Hannah O'Brien, 25, said: 'I was in my bedroom when I spotted her peering out of the window.'

After watching her son Adam struggle with kidney failure for more than a decade, Mandy Rogers, of Whitefield, Manchester, decided it was time to donate one of her own to ease his suffering.

Dramatic aerial footage shows hundreds of dolphins playing with a humpback whale off the coast of California. The footage was filmed during a recent whale-watching trip near Monterey.

Meet Barkley, the adorable 'ranch manager' Great Dane who takes pride in caring for wild horses rescued from unloving homes and auctions - and even gives them HUGS

A sweet and heroic Great Dane dubbed Barkley spends his days happily serving as a therapy dog for wild horses rescued from neglected homes, auctions and kill pens around the world. The Instagram account SkyDog Sanctuary shows incredible photos and videos of the dog and horses spending time with one another at the picturesque ranches located in Mariposa, California and Bend, Oregon. Charming footage seen on the social media page shows trainers helping care for the horses and donkeys while the dog interacts with them and even provides hugs and other gestures.


Showbiz extra

Mother shows off her incredible baking skills as she makes mealtimes fun

A mother has revealed how she makes her meal times fun for her children by baking loaves of bread imprinted with colourful designs. The woman, from Tokyo, has amassed 167,000 followers on Instagram , where she showcases her stunning baked creations. Pictured clockwise from top right: Hello Kitty; Japanese pop character Domo-Kun; a cute frog; Minions; the Cookie Monster and pianos.

Greg Beauregard was cruising along a San Antonio highway when he crashed into a giant wooden bookcase desk standing in the middle of the road on Friday afternoon.

The jaw-dropping 'Diner en blanc' event took place just metres away from the historic Les Invalides monument in the historic centre of the city of Paris on Sunday.

Horrifying moment two siblings are buried by hundreds of bricks while playing next to them... miraculously they BOTH survive

WARNING: DISTRESSING CONTENT Two young children were luckily saved after being buried by a pile of bricks that collapsed on top of them at a village in China. Their mother, who was working at the construction site, noticed a few bricks falling from the corner of a stack of bricks and rushed to protect her children. Onlookers joined forces to pull the children out and sent them to hospital with severe injuries.




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